Music Together Online

Our spring semester was an online semester, in summer we will offer a combination of in-person-classes and Music-Together Online!

What is Mainhattan Music Together Online?

Music Together Online is STILL Music Together!
Whether we are teaching in person or teaching through online events, we are providing rich musical experiences to teach families how to make music together! In all ways we teach, we make sure to expose families to all the songs in the MARACAS Collection, multiple times, ensuring a balance of tonalities, meters and songs without words. And - as always - we provide families a deep variety of activities that support music development though multimodal learning.

You will receive your Music Together Songbook, a CD with all the songs and an access code for the music and the full notation of the songs. You can use the code with the HELLO EVERYBODY App or on your desktop computer at the Music Together Family Zone.

Families who sign in late will only receive an access code which gives access to the music, to the full notation of the songs and to the Music Together family zone - because they don't receive a songbook there will be a 30€ reduction on the course fee. The reduction will cover the costs if you want to order a hardcopy of the materials - of course it is possible to use only the digital version of the materials.

For detailed information on the summer semester switch to "Summer Semester" in the menu.

To get a first impression on our online classes you can sing together with me and your child through some songs from the Music Together family favorite song collection:


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