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Watch Music Together's Hello Song Around The World! ...or go Riding In The Car

Are all children really musical? If so, why should babies and young children learn to make music themselves, instead of just listening to it? Learn the answers to these questions in recent articles published in the popular (The Guardian - Developement of Language Skills; Parents Magazine - Rock the Cradle 1 and Rock the Cradle 2) and academic (Proceedings of the National Acadedmy of Sciences - Rhythmic Engagement) press. And to read articles about the Music Together program, go to Music Together's National Web site or download this article from Utne Reader, itself excerpted from an issue of Chronogram.

The benefits of music-making for babies and children may be something you're prepared to accept, but you may still question the benefits for you, the adult. If so, take a look at this essay (part of NPR's "This I Believe" series) by Brian Eno. It'll make your heart--and body--sing!



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